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Saving Grace

Been  quite a long while since I've posted on here... Guess I've been busy with life and work.  But The Lord has  been teaching me so many things. Going on the mission trip to the Philippines  in March really changed my perspective on  life.  I've been doing a lot of stepping back  and asking God to help me have more trust in Him, instead of trying to work everything out  on my own. I want Him to have complete control. That's simply not easy... But I'm so thankful I have a Father who is ever long suffering and loves me in spite of myself.  I've been learning to have a heart full and overflowing with thankfulness,  through sunshine and clouds.  Through past pain, and  and through fears of the future. He is my creator and King, and still reigns on the throne, and cares. I've been focusing on stopping at some point in my day and writing down a blessing. A thank you note to God. I've never journaled more in my life! I never knew there were so many jewels st…

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