The Essence of the Gospel

Sometimes inspiration comes to me at some of the strangest times..

Like this morning, it was while taking a shower! =)

The question came to my mind, 'What is the essence of the Gospel?' I mean, there are so many things that a Christian is to do..

A good prayer life. Spending time in His word. Service to others. High standards. A life full of Faith. Choosing Godly friends. Good Stewardship. Rooting out bad habits. Keeping our thoughts pure.. and the list goes on.

But what is the root of all this?

Its almost like the angels smiled at my question.

As I lathered the shampoo into my hair, the answers came in like a flood.

This is the essence of the Gospel:


That's simply it.

And the rest will follow automatically!

"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."  -John 17:3

He alone can show us how to do the rest. When we try to live this life on our own, we will stumble and fall until we can't see the light of hope at all.

Do we know this God, the only true God?

Or is it the gods of this world that are known to us?

He's not just there to be that all powerful God, He longs with more hearts desire than we can ever know, to simply be our friend.

How about we stop, look up, and listen?

He's waiting even now.


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