Hold His Hand

Trudging  down this dark path,
lost and forsaken in the night.

But then, I heard His voice. 
I turned and saw the light.

I asked Him why I must go,
the way I didn't understand.

He said with a twinkle in His eye,
just hold on  tightly to my hand.

A sigh escaped my breast,
as I grasped His hand tight.

And as I walked with Him,
He pointed to this sight.

I gasped in surprise,
footprints marked the way!

Before me, He had already been, 
the evidence before me lay! 

You see, the way I know,
He looked on me with a smile.

I turned and said, I'll go where you go,
trusting you all the while.

For better than I ever could, 
I trust the path You know.

The farther with Him I go,
my love for Him doth grow.

Being with Him is Heaven to me,
for there's none else who loves me so!


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