Under the Eyes of God...

I've been reading through the book "Creeping Compromise" by Joe Crews, and at the end of the book there was this little poem. There was no title, and no name of the author, but it was really thought provoking to me!  ....And I thought I would share it with you!

Whatever you think, never think what you feel
You would blush, in the  presence of God, to reveal;
Whatever you speak, in a whisper or clear,
Say nothing you would not like Jesus to hear.

Whatever you read though the page may allure,
Read nothing of which you are perfectly sure
Consternation at once would be seen in your look
If God should say solemnly, "Show me that book."

Whatever you write, though in haste or in heed,
Write nothing you would not like Jesus to read;
Whatever you sing, in the midst of your glee's
Sing nothing His listening ear would displease.

Whenever you go, never go where you fear
Lest the great God should ask you, "How camest thou here?"
Turn away from each pleasure you'd shrink from pursuing
If God should look down and say, "What are you doing?"

Whatever you wear, can you be very sure
That the feelings it quickens are blameless and pure?
Would your face be unblushing and conscience be clear
Should your wardrobe be opened and Jesus appear?

When you think, when you speak, when you read, when you write,
When you sing, when you walk, when you seek for delight,
To be kept from all wrong when at home or abroad,
Live always  as under the eyes of the Lord.


  1. I love that poem! I have the final verse as my email signature. It truly is thought-provoking. I never knew where it came from too. So, now I know!

  2. I know..I love it too! It surely is thought provoking! I pray the Lord will bring these thoughts to my mind often!


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