Unspeakable Love!

When I look up into the night sky, and see the glittering stars scattered above me, and  I realize that many of them are their own galaxies, which are many light years away, I wonder how could God have any interest in little me,  when He holds much bigger things in His hands! Why would He care about the miserable condition of this sin sick world of mine? Why would He come to this earth and suffer so much pain and die on a cross, and forever bear the marks of that suffering for a world so unworthy of His sacrifice. How could He give His life for those who make Him weep?
It is because of a love unspeakable, and unfathomable by human minds. That love and grace He offers to each of us each day....... will we continue to turn Him away whom our soul loveth beyond words or comprehension? Will we continue on with our cherished sins, driving those nails afresh into those loving hands and feet? Oh how He must weep over this sin sick world! How He must long to gather it up in His strong arms and heal all of our brokenness! But His love goes deeper than that, He gives us the choice, to choose life or death....... It's up to us my friends, what will we choose today? This choice will determine our eternal destiny.......Will we put a smile on His face, or will we cause him to weep? If we will choose Him, we must cast our whole beings at his feet, and let Him take complete control of our lives. Will we not choose life today, and surrender our all to Him?
Lets put a smile on our dear Lord's face today!
Pressing on higher,


  1. Thank you, Cortney, for sharing this. I needed it. Happy Sabbath! :)

  2. I'm so glad it was an encouragement to you Sharon! These thoughts were on my mind so strongly the other night that I just could not sleep withought writting about it! And then I thought you all might enjoy it as well!
    We pray for you guys daily. Hope all is well! :D

  3. Thanks for praying! School began yesterday. It's going really well. I'm loving every moment! BTW, TINY, precious, cute twins (boy and girl) that were born in Burma on Sunday night were given to our children's home, yesterday. :)I know the Lord has a special plan and purpose for them. We cut the devil strings off of them, last night. They ARE God's little children, NOT the devil's.

  4. That sounds so exciting about the twins!! :D Who is caring for them? I'll keep them in my prayers, that they will stay healthy and strong!
    Hope you have a blessed sabbath! :)


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