Hearts of Gold

"Just look at those nasty dandelions,"  said one, " they are taking over everything!"  "Those terrible weeds", said another," nothing seems to kill them!" "I hate those determined dandelions," said yet another, "they just ruin my lawn!"
Though despised and rejected of men, what beauty lies in the "heart" of the dandelions!
Oh that I had a heart of gold like you, sweet dandelions! I'm sure  God thought of what great lessons we sinful humans would learn when he called you fourth out of the ground.  I'm sure His smile was upon you as your golden heads shone in the sunlight.
There are so many lessons to be learned from these sweet little golden flowers we call "weeds". Some say they are ugly and downright awful. But I say they have hearts of gold! We mow them down, and they grow right back as fast as we mow them down, never despairing and saying 'whats the use to even try'! They surely are  examples of a heart of faithfulness!
They seem to be able to grow almost anywhere, rocky or hard ground, sandy or dry, dark and rich soil,  they persevere, though life may be full of hardship and trials.
They are simple looking on the outside, but you hardly seem to notice that when they look so happy, shinning so brightly, they simply seem to glow with the joy of serving their master, no matter how simple they may look!
What about us? I fear the dandelions out do us in their simple faithfulness to their Creator.  Are we as faithful as these sweet little flowers? Do we persevere on, though life's road may be full of trials, and it doesn't seem that we can continue on?
The Lord is waiting for us to let Him abide in our hearts, that He may give us a heart of gold like the dandelions. What about it, will we let Him come in to stay?        

To a Dandelion
Lovely flower of purest gold
Belittled and despised,
So often called a hateful weed-
You should be highly prized.

But just because the Lord has made
A host of flowers like you,
We spurn you with rude feet aside,
And mock your glowing hue.

Bright flower of the golden heart,
A lesson true you teach:
We mortals never seem content
With what's within our reach!

To gain what lies beyond our grasp
We wheedle, beg, entreat.
Although more precious, far may be
What grows beneath our feet!
Author unknown


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