Blessed Silence....

I asked God,  "Why?"

But all that came to my pierced and breaking heart, was...



Sometimes our questions have no answers now. But even still, we may trust Him. When the path grows dim, and clouds gather, and we just don't understand why we must go through this valley.

God understands.

And He is always right there. 

Even though it pains His heart, He sees beyond today, and knows that silence must be our portion.

And though the thorns may pierce my feet..

God listens, and longs to hear me sing.

"Once I heard a song of sweetness, As it cleft the morning air, Sounding in its blest completeness, Like a tender, pleading prayer; And I sought to find the singer, Whence the wondrous song was borne; And I found a bird, sore wounded, Pinioned by a cruel thorn.

I have seen a soul in sadness, While its wings with pain were furl'd, Giving hope, and cheer and gladness That should bless a weeping world And I knew that life of sweetness, Was of pain and sorrow borne, And a stricken soul was singing, With its heart against a thorn.

Ye are told of One who loved you, Of a Savior crucified, Ye are told of nails that pinioned, And a spear that pierced His side; Ye are told of cruel scourging, Of a Savior bearing scorn, And He died for your salvation, With His brow against a thorn.

Ye "are not above the Master." Will you breathe a sweet refrain? And His grace will be sufficient, When your heart is pierced with pain. Will you live to bless His loved ones, Tho' your life be bruised and torn, Like the bird that sang so sweetly, With its heart against a thorn?"
--- Selected

Joy on the Journey

Pressing forward I will go,
E'en through the pain,
His joy to show.

I may ne'er know the answers why,
'til Canaan bright,
I  enter with happy sigh.

But still I'll sing the victor's song 'til then,
of this paths end,
only my dear Lord knows when.

Oh, but the day I see His face,
joys bounds will know no end,
in confidence, I quicken my pace!

So soon at His feet, I shall be there,
and what joy I have here below,
in His sufferings to share!


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