The Theme of Heavens Song...

Just thought I'd share this simple little poem I wrote a few nights ago. May it bless you in some way! =)

The Theme of Heavens Song

Does the time to wait seem long,
Have you, in this darkness lost your song?

Have your feet grown weary,
The path to the cross become dreary?

Do your small efforts seem in vain,
As all around, you only see more pain?

Do your eyes become blurred with tears,
As the days go by and form into years?

Do the thorns pierce your brow,
And, you just want it all to end somehow?

Let me share what the Lord just said;
I too was weary, but this He gave as rested I my head.

“Behold, the lamb of God!” Let your heart be still,
Again pore over redemption's story, it with wonder your heart fill.

See Him as a babe, in a humble cattle stall,
Though from glory He came, the Lord of all.

Watch him grow through those years as a child,
His Fathers son so meek, tender and mild.

Follow Him there into the wilderness, see Him tempted sore,
Watch with wonder as He, that old deceiver gains the victor O’er.

Walk by His side down those dusty, rocky paths, as He, at His Father’s command,
Heals the sick, feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, raises the dead with the touch of His hand.

Sit with Him there on the Mount, listen to His words, how to over evil win,
Watch miracle after miracle, look into those longing eyes, to set at liberty each captive of Sin.

Kneel with Him there on the damp ground that dark and terrible night in the garden of Gethsemane,
See the blood from His brow pour, watch Him almost die under the load of the sins, of you and of me…

Sit with Him there in haughty pilot’s court, feel the stinging hatred, hear the their mocking cry,
See Him standing there, with tear filled eyes looking upon them as they shouted, “Crucify!”

Walk with Him, down Jerusalem’s long street, see the mocking crowd, upon Him spit,
Let those  words from His fainting lips, "Father forgive" to your very own heart hit.

See Him hanging there, bleeding, thirsting, dying, upon Calvary's Cross,
Hear those trembling words, "It is finished" His suffering He counted not a loss.

And then your heart shall sing again the song,
Though the night be dark, shall not seem long.

Though with the chains of men you may be bound,
The earth shall quake, and tremble at the sound!

Then those weary, far and near, will join the refrain,
And all heaven, with harp and voice will do the same.

And as this Gospels melody, fills your journey down this path so long,
You will fill all heaven with joy; Yes you will be theme of Heaven's song!


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