To Have The Faith Of A Blind Man....

I read this little story the other day, and it really spoke to my heart. Thought it might be a blessing to you too!

"A poet and an artist were once examining a painting by Pussin depicting the healing of the two blind men. The poet mentioned several remarkable things about the painting. The artist seemed unsatisfied, and pointed out something else. He said, "Do you see that discarded cane lying there by the steps of the house?"


"What does it mean?"

"Why, on those steps the blind man sat with his cane in his hand; but when he heard that Christ had come, he was so sure that he would be healed that he dropped his cane and rushed into the presence of the Lord. Isn't that a wonderful conception of faith?"

And it was. Too often we hold onto the old canes and crutches of self-help and of righteousness that we have done, instead of looking  wholly to Jesus."
                                                                                                               ~H.M.S. Richards

I want to drop my "crutches" and "canes" and go running to the feet of Jesus, knowing that He will heal my soul, give me a new heart, and make me completely whole!

Faith, my friends, is the ONLY thing that will bring us through to the end...

The only thing we will be able to cling to..

The "crutches" and "canes" we cling to now, will never make us whole... we must drop them, and run to the lamb of God, and plead for His mercy and grace!

"...and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." 1 John 5:4


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