Consider the Pansies....

Those sweet little gems! I just can't stop noticing their adorable, smiling, little faces! Every time I walk by them, they just seem to shine with cheerfulness! And it makes me stop to ponder every time....

You see, last summer, Mom and I planted these adorable little pansies in our hanging baskets, and this spring, we noticed them popping up all over below where the baskets were hanging!  The ground is so hard, and there are so many weeds growing there, I'm amazed every time I see them, at how they survive it!

And that's what makes me stop and smile down at them, as their sweet little faces smile back at me through the weeds.....


Why do I worry so much? And so often am sad and loaded down with heavy burdens, with a look of sadness and pain written all over my face?

Why, when these are so happy and shinning with adoration to their creator?

Not a sigh they breathe, not a frown they wear, not a worry do they bear.
For they do greatly TRUST in HIS tender watch care!

I have been struggling with overcoming a bit of a depression the last few months, and I must say, these sweet little Pansies must have been placed here from the hands of the Lord, for they have been such an encouragement to me! At many a time, when all seems bleak, a faint picture of their smiling little faces passes gently through my mind. A sweet reminder to BLOOM WHERE I HAVE BEEN PLANTED.... And to smile through what ever may try to dim my view of the sunshine! :)

If you my friend have also been stumbling along with a heavy burden of care on your shoulders, and life seems a painful struggle, Consider the Lilies! And they will tell of one who makes all burdens easy, who makes life beautiful and worth living!

I know it may sound so incredibly impossible.

But it Is so possible.

Just give it ALL to Him!

And then, as those sweet little pansies, we may smile through the weeds! For as we look up, we will see the bright and glorious sunshine!

Keep looking up my friends.....He'll NEVER let us down!

Let's press on together, those pansies and us...  And let's lift a weary soul along the way,  pointing their eyes to the sunshine peeking through! :)

Oh, and by the way, as Mom and I have been transplanting these little pansies to other more beautiful places, if we to are faithful, also shall be transplanted to a much more glorious resting place, where the weeds and storms of life shall never again mar our view of the sunshine of His face! :D


  1. Thank you Cortney! :-)May I too, bloom where I am planted! :)

    1. Thank the Lord! He is sooo good! :) May the Lord give all of us the strength to be beautiful blooming flowers in His garden! :)


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