A New Year!

I can hardly believe it is almost 2012! How the days…..the weeks…..the months have blurred by in a mad furry of busyness!! I pray that this coming new year will be a year that will bring wonderful blessings, a year that will bring us to a close walk with our dear heavenly father……for this new year is surely bringing us closer to the end of time!! 

We Must Watch, Pray, and work!.....We must not sleep as the five foolish virgins, we must fill our lamps with oil, and watch, for the coming of the bridegroom is near…..we know not the hour.

“Another year now opens its fair unwritten pages before you. The recording angel stands ready to write. Your course of action will determine what shall be traced by him. You may make your future life good or evil; and this will determine for you whether the year upon which you have just entered will be to you a happy new year. It is in your power to make it such for yourself and for those around you. Let patience, long-suffering, kindness, and love become a part of your very being; then whatsoever things are pure and lovely and of good report will mature in your experience. Angels of God are waiting to show you the path of life. . . . Decide now, at the commencement of the new year, that you will choose the path of righteousness, that you will be earnest and true-hearted, and that life with you shall not prove a mistake. Go forward, guided by the heavenly angels; be courageous; be enterprising; let your light shine; and may the words of inspiration be applicable to you….” {ML 5.4

                                                        A Prayer for the New Year
                                             O Lord, in this Thy book of Time, to write
                                                Thou biddest me. But I am full of fears
                                         That on each page, so fresh and clean and white,
                                           My feeble hand may pen but stains and tears.

                                          So, Master, take my hand in Thine and guide
                                            What I shall be and think and say and do
                                           Each day this year, from dawn to eventide.
                                           be Thou the Author, and the penman, too!

                                        Write courage, Lord, for trials that must come,
                                          and gratefulness for blessings that are sure.
                                             Inscribe the scroll with loyalty to home,
                                           and steadfast choice of values that endure.

                                              Write living, loving faith in every line.
                                        Each page so with Thy sacred presence grace
                                       That those who stop to read this book of mine,
                                       May see not me, but Thine own wondrous face.

                                           Then dip the pen in Heaven's ink, o God,
                                           -The warm, the red, the valiant, and true-
                                          That every day, so hallowed by thy blood,
                                        May make this year of mine sublimely NEW!
                                                                 ~Margit Strom Heppenstall.

This is truly my prayer!.....Nothing I can do is of any good! For “All my righteousness is as filthy rags”! So my desire is to commit to handing the pen over to my Heavenly Father, and let him write the pages of my life! Truly, I mean what I’m saying! I want to live a life that has a purpose!....And I can do this only by surrendering my ALL to HIM! Jesus is coming VERY SOON! I don’t want to disappoint Him who gave His life for YOU and ME, that we might inherit eternal life! I don’t want to throw that eternal crown away just because of mine own sinful lust of the flesh, my own desires for how I want to live my life!

Will you also my friends…..my brothers and sisters in Christ…Will you also commit to letting the Lord write the pages of this year of your life?.....make no plans of your own accord…..seek only His will? He has provided a guidebook….there is no reason we should fail…..no reason we should lose our way.

The only way we shall have revival and reformation in our Christian walk, is if we seek his face continually! He is just waiting to bestow upon us the richest blessings we could ever imagine! Let’s not keep Him waiting any longer!!

You’re Sister in Christ,


  1. "seek His face continually!"
    This is what I need... all through this new year.

  2. "Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually." 1 Chronicles 16:11
    Yes, I agree!...It's the only way we will ever walk closely with Him!....And when you experience it....it is so worth anything you ever might have to give up!


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