God's Amazing Love

God could have given us an ugly world in which to live,
I thought one morning as I looked out at the beautiful day.

But instead He said, I will be the one for their sins to pay,
So in place of the ugliness we deserve, He gave us beauty!

The songs of the birds, the sunlight on the trees, It wasn't His duty,
But He gave us these things to show us His character of love!

The beauty of the flowers, the big blue sky and clouds above,
The moon and stars at night, the babbling of a nearby brook.

The newness of spring, the wonderful words of God in His great book.
A crashing wave on the sea and lofty mountains high speak of His power!

The promise of the rainbow after a rain, the trees that above us tower,
The chatter of a chipmunk, the quite stillness of a meadow.

Yes, this morning my mind pondered these things as I looked out my window.
Gods amazing love for us, His children, is beyond what we know!

He gave His life for our sins, yes for us He walked in paths so low,
For us He suffered great pain, then died, that we might have a chance to live!

Now that is what you call true love! That gift of love only He could give.
I thank thee Lord for this gift you've given, oh may I never turn it away! 

-Cortney Johnson 


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