Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God's Amazing Love

God could have given us an ugly world in which to live,
I thought one morning as I looked out at the beautiful day.

But instead He said, I will be the one for their sins to pay,
So in place of the ugliness we deserve, He gave us beauty!

The songs of the birds, the sunlight on the trees, It wasn't His duty,
But He gave us these things to show us His character of love!

The beauty of the flowers, the big blue sky and clouds above,
The moon and stars at night, the babbling of a nearby brook.

The newness of spring, the wonderful words of God in His great book.
A crashing wave on the sea and lofty mountains high speak of His power!

The promise of the rainbow after a rain, the trees that above us tower,
The chatter of a chipmunk, the quite stillness of a meadow.

Yes, this morning my mind pondered these things as I looked out my window.
Gods amazing love for us, His children, is beyond what we know!

He gave His life for our sins, yes for us He walked in paths so low,
For us He suffered great pain, then died, that we might have a chance to live!

Now that is what you call true love! That gift of love only He could give.
I thank thee Lord for this gift you've given, oh may I never turn it away! 

-Cortney Johnson 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My hand in His....

It seems like just yesterday....... I thought to myself, as my mind wandered back to my happy, carefree childhood days. Life seemed so good back then! Although it wasn't always easy for my family, we went through quite a few tough times too, but as a young child, those kind of things just didn't really worry me. My world was all about running through the grass with bare feet, picking flowers for Mom, or just laying in the grass, looking up into the great big sky, watching the big fluffy clouds drift by, and thinking about God, who was way up beyond those clouds, who loved and cared for me, and was even then looking down upon me laying there in the grass, longing to be up beyond the clouds with Him.

 Yes, those were the days of making forts, (or at least trying to!) climbing trees, splashing through mud puddles with my little rubber boots, and letting the wind whip through my pigtails as I soared high on the swing that my Grandpa made for my brothers and I. Life was so good back then, so simple and carefree! But now..... those days seem to be gone forever! There seems to be so many cares and concerns, perplexities and fears. There seems to be question marks around every corner. What has changed, I wondered? Have I made a mistake? As I thought back about the peace and joy that filled my life in my childhood days, and how I so badly want that kind of peace in my late teen years, when important decisions and choices must be made, I just knew there was something missing, leaving a gaping hole, that made me feel all alone in my path of life. What was it? Yes, it was that sweet, childlike faith! The kind of faith of a small little girl that holds her Daddy's hand, and trusts him to lead her to safety, even though there is danger all around. 

The Lord must look upon me with sadness in His heart, and whisper, 'Oh my child, you have so little faith! I am the One who holds your life in my hands, I know what your future holds, just put your hand in mine, and let Me be your guide. Please just trust Me.... It will fill your life with peace and joy, there will be no need for worry or fear when you put your hand in mine, and let me lead you safely home.' And so I decided that His way is best. So, from now on, I commit to put my hand in His, and let Him lead me through my pilgrim journey! I may have times when I let go.... and get lost again. But He is always there, waiting to hold my hand again, and lead me through! Will you also, my fellow young friend, give Him your hand, and let Him lead you through life's paths?..... if the right choice is made, it will never be regretted!
Putting my hand in His,
Your friend,