Is all well with our souls tonight?

“The coming of Christ will be as it were at midnight, when all are sleeping. It will be well for every one to have his accounts all straightened up before sunset. All his works should be right, all his dealings just, between himself and his fellow-men. All dishonesty, all sinful practices should be put far away. The oil of grace should be in our vessels with our lamps. . . . Sad indeed will be the condition of the soul who has had a form of godliness but has denied the power thereof; who has called Christ, Lord, Lord, and yet who has not His image and superscription. . . .”  {Mar 55.1}

Let us make sure everything is surrendered to Him before the setting of the sun. We never know when our names will come up in the judgment. Will we be found with spot and blemish? Or will we be found clothed with that pure white garment that He offers to all?
Let us surrender all to Him! It will fill our hearts with pure overflowing joy and peace!
Yours in Christ,


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